Name: Barney

Also Known as: Barney Blue,  Barney Rubbler, the Barnster, Mr Bear

Pedigree Name: Tailswaye Kriss Kross

DOB: 23-Mar-2000

Breed: British Shorthair Blue

Sex: Male

Home: Essex, United Kingdom. (20miles from London)

Favorite Food Updated: Crisps, Cheese, tuna, custard, ham, chicken, marmite on toast, Crème Brule

Likes: Hide and Seek, having his tummy rubbed, having his fur brushed. Cotton Buds (he will go to great lengths to steal them), seeing how long a toilet roll will stretch, In fact he will now try to steal a whole roll. He's fascinated obsessed by water. (See the latest photos !!), carrier bags

Dislikes: Traveling, Moving House, Vets, Felix cat food.

16th June 2009 - Its been a while, so I thought I would update Barney's website. I don't think that we can call Barney a kitten anymore, especially as he is now 8 Years old. Although you would never know it, he still loves to play. He has now learnt to appreciate the new members of our household, Isabelle (6) and Daisy (3). They would love for him to sit on their laps, but that privalige is reserved for Mrs Lampit, and even then it took 7 years of persuading. Although, most of the time he will just stare at you until you pick him up and place him on your lap. New Pictures

My name  is Barney and I am a  British Blue kitten, I spend most days playing and sleeping, my favorite game is a combination of Hide & Seek and Chase. I like to play this game with my Dad,  although he is not very good. I carry on playing long after he has stopped, I like to leap out and bite his toes, or hit him on the head with my paws.  I also like to play with my toys, especially my tinsel balls (my Mum and Dad spend lots of time retrieving them from under the sofa) .

 I Don't go outside because my Dad says  'inside is where we live,  outside is where the monsters live'. My new games I like to play are 'not there, on the floor' or 'Tents'.

The 1st game is a one player game 'me', who has to paw everything in the house, onto the floor; favorite objects being, cups of water on the bedside cabinet, Vases,  loose change,  not so loose change!!.

The 2nd game involves 'everything is a tent', cupboards, clothes, boxes. Hide till your bored, then POUNCE. All moves are legal, no hold bars, pretend to run when they chase you, turn round POUNCE again !!